Wall Street Journal Selects Top Cleantech Companies

eSolar power tower

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Recently the Wall Street Journal selected the top ten promising venture-backed Cleantech companies. The results of this survey were announced Thursday at the Journal’s ECO: Nomics Executive Conference in Santa Barbara, Calif. The purpose of the ranking is to spotlight those green start-ups companies that have the capital and the ability to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. The list includes three solar-power firms: Solyndra Inc. of Fremont, Calif., Suniva Inc. of Norcross, Ga., and eSolar Inc. of Pasadena, Calif. The Top 10 Clean-tech list also includes two eco-friendly auto-makers: Fisker Automotive Inc. of Irvine, Calif. and Telsa Motors Inc. of San Carlos, Calif. Last year, Solyndra, the No. 1 company, secured more than $800 million in a government loan and venture capital. More On WSJ Top Ten List

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The USGBC Anounces Top Ten Leed-Certified States

U.S. Green Building Council

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The top ten list of states engaged in LEED-certified building projects in 2010 was just released by the U.S. Green Building Council. The council looked at commercial and institutional green buildings all over the country, measuring square footage on a per capita (or per person) basis. The District of Columbia leads with 25 square feet of LEED-certified space per person. As far as the states go, in 2010, Nevada follows with 10.92 square feet per person. While Illinois ranked 8th on the list, with 3.09 square feet per capita, as of 2010, Chicago alone has 124 certified buildings. According to Scot Horst, USGBC, Senior Vice President of LEED, “using the per capita, versus the traditional number of projects, or pure square footage, is a reminder to all of us, that the people who live and work, learn and play in buildings should be what we care about most.” More on USGBC

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2011 Historic Chicago Bungalow and Green Home Expo Comes To The Merchandise Mart

the villa - chicago bungalow

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For over a century, the Chicago bungalow has been not only an icon of contemporary urban culture, but it has also been a treasure chest of solid sustainable resources in an ever-shifting housing industry. In this city takes their bungalows quite seriously as evidence by the 2011 Historic Chicago Bungalow and Green Home Expo on Saturday, April 9 at the Merchandise Mart. Organized by the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association, this free, daylong event is the largest expo of it kind, spotlighting important issues in home restoration, preservation, energy-efficiency, and financing. More On The Expo

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California Approves First Green Apprenticeship Occupation

International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker...

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In a move to satisfy the growing demand for skilled workers in the increasingly competitive solar photovoltaic systems (PV) industry, the California Department of Industrial Relations/Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DIR/DAS) has released guidelines for the first Green apprenticeship occupation. These guidelines supply practical direction to apprenticeship programs that will nurture the workforces of the future. The need to recognized solar photovoltaic systems installer as an occupation was prompted by public hearings held in Northern and Southern California.  More on California Apprenticeship Program

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Discover the 27th Ward in the Encyclopedia of Chicago

Cover of "The Encyclopedia of Chicago"

Cover of The Encyclopedia of Chicago

The Encyclopedia of Chicago is a landmark historical reference for information on Chicago’s rich past. With its abundant text, photographs, maps, and other archival material, compiled over more than a decade, the Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive treatment of a metropolitan history to date. Despite the size of the book, which runs 1,152 pages, the writing is clear and concise, and the layout is easy to navigate. Produced by the Newberry Library in cooperation with the Chicago Historical Museum, the original plan was to develop a book version and an electronic version simultaneously. Consequently, the book version was published in 2004 by the University of Chicago Press and in 2005, the electronic version was published by the Chicago Historical Society.  More On The Encyclopedia of Chicago

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Protected: Humble Reflections On Various Funny Green Stuff

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O*NET Identifies New Occupations In The Green Sector Economy

Illustration: Different types of renewable energy.

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As technology hurdles us headlong into the future, a new workforce is required to meet the needs of these changing times. New jobs titles and the tasks associated with them need to be captured, researched, and defined. O*Net (The Occupational Information Network), the nation’s primary source of occupational data, has classified new and enhanced green jobs titles. Technological developments and green economy activities have created a need for unique work and worker requirements. O*NET classifies and defines these new job titles (along with developing existing titles) which are accessible in its online database. More On O*NET

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