Green Technology Program Taps into Our Passion for Sports to Address Environment Issues


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The passion that fans of professional sports bring to a game can be a decisive factor in the final outcome. Banded together in one stadium, they press the home field advantage by creating so much noise that the opponents can’t think straight. Cheering crowds chanting “Go Team,” “Go Team!” “Go Team!” bring a new dynamic to games, big and small. Fans Without Footprints, a grassroots organization, wants to turn that Go Team! chants into Go Green! Go Green!, Go Green! by leveraging sports participation and enjoyment with our responsibilities as stewards of our environment, both on the community level and the global level. It is too convenient to think that the environment issues that confront the world will heal automatically or that someone else will clean up the planet. To go green is not an option. Some environmental initiatives are out of reach for the common consumer, but many of these initiatives, such as clean air and water, conserving our parks and forest, implement proven green technology solutions, such as, solar and wind power offer opportunities for the average citizen to make a difference.

FWF Confronts Environmental Issues That Face The Nation On A Community Level

Walter Ife, co-founder of Fan Without Footprints (FWF), feels that intense fandom and the enormous popularity of sports team merchandise are good indicators of how passionate sports fans are about their favorite teams. It is this passion that FWF seeks to harness and channel it nto a formidable “go green” enthusiasm, a keen awareness of green technology and decisive action on the part of the general public to address environment issues. It is the mission of FWF to transform that home team enthusiasm into local green technology projects that protect, improve, and preserve the places we call home. Besides recycling and changing to newer, energy-efficient light bulbs, many consumers have few big opportunities to embrace sustainability practices in their daily lives’ and to have a major positive impact in their local communities. Implementing green technology initiatives even on the local level requires a team effort. This program enables fans to address environmental issues by offsetting their carbon footprint (FWF calls it the Fanprint) by making financial contributions to green technology projects in neighborhoods all over country.

Addressing Environment Issues Is Not New to Professional Sports

Green technology is not new to the professional sport scene. Professional sports league are increasing taking a leadership role in addressing environmental issues in their stadiums and arenas and in their communities. Recently several US professional sports leagues joined with the Environmental Protection Agency to promote the effort of this green technology and professional sports alliance. Professional leagues that support this alliance include: Major League Baseball (MLB), Major League Soccer (MLS), the national Basketball Association (NBA), and the National Football League, and National Hockey League (NHL). According to FWF literature, their initiative is rooted in the fact that we all address environment issues in various ways, sport fans included. They drive or fly to games, throw tailgate parties complete with gas or charcoal grills. Most fans watch the big game on huge TV screens from the comfort of their heated or cooled homes. Either way, this all becomes a part of their Fanprint. Ife believes that by combining our passion for sport with our desire to address environmental issues could create a powerful partnership. FWF green technology projects include: the Branch Brook Park Alliance in Newark, NJ; Trees Atlanta, which is a green technology effort in tree conservation; and Clean Water Action in Texas.

Leveraging Fandom With Green Technology Is A Win-Win

FWF puts the ball in the fans court to embrace green technology, speak out on environmental issues, and support go green initiatives in their communities. Considering their numbers, their level of enthusiasm, and their ability to make some noise, in terms of decibels and dollars, sports fandom represent a powerful force that, if leveraged properly, could make a significant impact with the public and aid them in confronting environmental issues and go green in their our backyards and in their communities. For FWF, confronting environmental issues is not limited to professional sports, but also in college and amateur level sports. FWF seeks to partner with local teams who are concerned with the environmental issues of today in order to create incentives to their fans base to go green and support green technology. For more information, visit FWF at www.

Do you think Fans Without Footprints is a good model for harnessing fan power to promote Go Green initiatives and support green technology programs across the country? Do you think FWF is a good way to address environmental issues in America? Share your thoughts and experiences. Register at the top of the page to receive update from US Green Technology.

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