Green Technology Power Houses Technet and Illinois Technology Association Team Up To Address Environmental Issues

UBS sign featuring logo including three keys

A Technet member company

With the recently announced partnership between Technet and Illinois Technology Association (ITA), it would appear to be a match made in heaven. The goal of this partnership is to establish state and federal policy, as well as, give political impetus to Illinois’ growing green technology industry. Confronting environmental issues and taking action requires considerable political know-how. Technet, which was founded in 1997, is the nation’s leading bipartisan policy and political action networks. It is a consortium of top CEOs in the emerging high-tech, green business, and green technology industries. Green business in America needs many powerful voices to break through public apathy and political red tape in order to confront environmental issues that face the world. Technet member companies includes some of the most respected names in hi–tech, green business and green technology that either address environmental issues directly, support green businesses and/or incorporate green initiatives into their corporate doctrine. Member companies include Apple Computer, AT&T, Tesla, UBS, Symantec, Yahoo and Verifone just to name a few. This consortium also includes some of the nation’s strongest advocates in the green technology industry who, with the help of federal and state political leader, endeavor to shape public policies that support green technology initiatives. Technet views an innovation-drive economy as vital to maintaining global leadership, as well as, addressing a wide range of environmental issues.

ITA relies on collaboration to nurture and grow green business in Illinois

The ITA boasts over 700 member companies in Illinois of varying sizes, from cutting edge start-ups to large high-tech companies. ITA describes itself as a ”member-driven, next generation association “, founded on the principle that collaboration among astute green technology professionals in Illinois will speed up the growth of the green technology industry and address environmental issues. What sets ITA apart is their commitment to collaboration among member companies, academia, government, and entrepreneurs. Member companies represent various industries, including green business, consumer, financial services, travel, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. Numerous green technology companies are among the membership, such as, Firefly Energy, Sun Phocus Technologies, Bias Power, Inersol Corporation, Renewable Energy Technology, Quaver Battery Management System, and many others. Many high-tech companies in the association benefit directly and indirectly from green technology solutions in their plants and facilities, in the products they create, use, or manufacture.

Technet And ITA Join Forces To Address Environmental Issues and Encourage Innovative Green Businesses

Technet and the ITA will, no doubt, work together to identify important policy priorities and execute appropriate legislative action, on state and federal levels, to encourage innovations that will not only mitigate environmental issues that face the world, but also strength Americas’ economic leadership and competitive edge. Technet working groups are assembled to address these policy priorities. The green technology work group establishes initiatives that encourage the development of green businesses and their products or services. Through guidance and mentoring ITA ushers green technology businesses to market entry, access to capital, R&D, and workforce development. This partnership is looked upon as being mutually beneficial, not other for Technet and ITA, but green businesses, green technology in Illinois, and many other organizations working to challenge environmental issues around the world.

Do you think the partnership between Technet and ITA arises out of a genuine desire to address environmental issues or is it all about economics? Can green business prosper in a collaborative environment? Could solutions to environment issues, like water and air pollution, get caught up in politics? Share your thought and experiences. Register at the top of the page to receive updates from US Green Technology.


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