Angel Labs Drive Green Technology Into The Future With Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine Design

Green technology is in need of a whole new class of innovations that are smaller and lighter, yet more powerful than previous technologies. Energy-efficiency, in both design and performance is paramount, and if this new piece of green technology has to run on something, it should be a renewable energy. Imagine an internal combustion engine that weighs 150lbs., yet it has a power-to-weight ratio of 40 to 1. Imagine that it has a displacement equivalent to an engine that is thousands of pounds heavier, like huge diesel or jet engines. Imagine again, that this little engine is also a powerful compressor, and very effective as a liquid and air pump. Last but not least, imagine that this engine can run at peak performance using a renewable energy that you could, figuratively speaking, grow in your own backyard.

Raphial Morgado Makes Major Breakthrough in Super Energy-Efficient Engine

This is what the imagination of inventor Raphial Morgado, founder of Angel Labs in Acampo, California, has brought to fruition. He is one man who decided to tackle to big issues of green technology in a small way, but whose impact could be monumental. His Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) engine is called a major breakthrough in super energy-efficiency for internal combustion engines. The green technology behind this innovation could rapidly overtake the prominence of conventional internal combustion engines. Energy-efficiency, in terms of engine design and performance, as well as, the use of renewable energy epitomizes the quest of green technology. The MYT engine could establish a new benchmark for engine design the future. In 2205, Morgado won first prize for his engine in the Fourth-Annual Emhart-NASA “Create the Future Design Contest.” The contest draws more than a thousand entries submitted by professional engineers, students, and novices from all over the world.

Massive Yet Tiny Engine Is Built With Energy-Efficiency In Mind

The first prototype of the MYT energy-efficient, internal combustion engine measures only 14” in diameter, 14” long, and weighs 150lbs, yet it exerts 850 cubic inches of displacement achieved through frequent firing, 16 times a rotation, putting it in the power class of a 32-cylinder, four-stroke engine. Only the piston rings touch the cylinder walls (not the piston skirts), which results in very minimal friction loss. Energy-efficiency is built into the system. The MYT has a parts count of less than 25 pieces compared to over 3,000 for a conventional engine. As a result, manufacturing and maintenance costs are significantly lower than conventional engines. The MYT engine can run on fossil fuel, but runs particularly well on renewable energy such as, biodiesel. In 2004, Angel Labs installed their 14-inch engine into a modified 2001 Ford Focus and ran it on air. Previously the engine had been running on diesel. They got the vehicle up to 65mph on air power alone.

Role Of Massive Yet Tiny Engine Most Effective As Green Technology Solution

As you could imagine, the applications for the MYT engine are numerous. Surely, the automotive, aircraft, and the watercraft industries all stand to benefit from this new engine design. Industries that manufacture and utilize compressors, pumps, and generators will also appreciate its energy-efficiency and its ability to run on renewable energy sources. The MYT engine, reportedly, exceed the performance of existing pump/compressors in providing massive pressure, volume, and flow, ideal attributes for harnessing geothermal energy, as well, wind power storage and retrieval. But, like any green technology, the deployment of MYT engine in major industries should not undermine its benefits to the over-all environment. Considering the immediacy of certain environment issues, the MYT engine is most effective in supporting of clean water and air solutions, the production and distribution of renewable energy products, and promoting energy efficiency, in general.  The MYT engine is just another example of how citizens both private and professional; individuals like Morgado are taking up call of green technology, by building machines that model the best sustainability practices, such as recycling, using renewable energy, and build energy-efficiency standards into the fabric of our lives. The MYT engine could be the force that drives green technology and our nation into the next millennium.

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