GTI Plan Transforms L.A. River District Into Eco-Paradise


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Visionaries at the Green Technology Institute (GTI) have a bold new plan for the city of Los Angeles. The Institute proposes transforming the land along the L.A. River into a futuristic  “Cleantech Corridor” aptly named Green River Village. It will encompass an “advanced green technology park accessed through an ultra-light rail transit system that connect to a series garden villages along the river banks. The Institute envisions an environmentally-rich, linear Wifi hot spot; a river city of the future where people live prosperous, sustainable lives, and pursue meaningful occupations,” all in the context of caring for one another and the environment.” This plan is said to be “modeled on the best practices of the world’s urban eco-villages and communitian villages.” It would all sound far-fetched and utopian, were it not for the fact that all the technology that would go into such an under-taking is readily available and the public will to endorse innovative projects like this is steadily growing. 

Highlights of the Plan for L.A. River Cleantech Corridor include: 

  • Transforming toxic “brown fields” into a “Greenfields of Dreams”
  • An ultra-light rail transit system connects a series of garden villages
  • A series of constructed water gardens enjoyed by both people and wild   creatures
  • Zero-emission, solar electric vehicles powered by solar panels lining the river  

GTI Grounded In Innovative Green Entrepreneurship and Green Activism

The GTI is the brainchild of Gurminder Singh and Les Hamasaki, who founded the organization in 2005. Hamasaki is the Managing Director of the Tom Brady Legacy Foundation, which is part of Tom Brady International Hall at UCLA. The purpose of the Institute is to promote and nurture fledging green enterpreneurs, technologies, and businesses. The Institute also offers a network of green forums, symposiums,conferences, and strategic advisors. The Institute’s mission statement embodies three clear imperatives: 

  I.  Transforming a Grey Economy into a Green Economy

 2. To achieve Energy Independence from foreign oil and fossil energy

3. To reduce Global Warming to prevent drastic climate changes

Another GTI initiatives is the Green Village Development, which lays out a plan for “rebuilding the Inland Southern California Desert as the Center for Renewable Energy” featuring “argopower farm villages as the centerpiece of a new green ruralism.” Project Green Haiti placed a network of solar-powered geodesic domes or “Televillages” with internet access throughout the earthquake devastated country. 

The Institute sees the Green River Village Project as a showplace for a sustainable “intelligent village”redevelopment process. It would incorporate the most advanced environmental and digital technologies. It would utilize a range of electronic, biometric, R3 (reduction, reuse, recycle) hardware and software. The project promises an “auto-free village” experience where an innovative transit system and community-owned, zero-emission vehicles transport residents between home, work, and shopping. Green River Village is envisioned as a center of innovative development and commercialization of environmental technology, advanced mass transportation, global communication, clean personal vehicles, solar and hydrogen generation, waste-to-energy and biofuel production, wastewater remediation, solar desalination, and energy storage technologies.  

In the next 100 years the population of Los Angeles is expected to double. GTI hopes Green River Village and the green technology park concept can “demonstrate the feasibility of ultra high-density development with an intelligent transportation network connected to high-density mixed-use multi-generational villages.” 

What do you think about GTI and the Green River Village project? Do you think concepts like this? Do you think projects like this have come of age or do you think its still a little far-fetched?


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