Wall Street Journal Selects Top Cleantech Companies

eSolar power tower

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Recently the Wall Street Journal selected the top ten promising venture-backed Cleantech companies. The results of this survey were announced Thursday at the Journal’s ECO: Nomics Executive Conference in Santa Barbara, Calif. The purpose of the ranking is to spotlight those green start-ups companies that have the capital and the ability to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. The list includes three solar-power firms: Solyndra Inc. of Fremont, Calif., Suniva Inc. of Norcross, Ga., and eSolar Inc. of Pasadena, Calif. The Top 10 Clean-tech list also includes two eco-friendly auto-makers: Fisker Automotive Inc. of Irvine, Calif. and Telsa Motors Inc. of San Carlos, Calif. Last year, Solyndra, the No. 1 company, secured more than $800 million in a government loan and venture capital.

The complete top ten list includes:

1) Solyndra, Inc.- Photovoltaic systems featuring cylindrical modules

2) Suniva, Inc. – Solar cells and modules

3) eSolar, Inc. – Modular solar power plants

4) RecycleBank, LLC – Incentive-based recycling services for communities

5) Boston Power – Portable lithium-ion battery technology

6) Fisker Automotive, Inc. – environmentally friendly premium automobiles

7) eMeter – Energy information management solutions

8) Serious Material – energy-efficient building materials

9) Silver Spring – Networking infrastructure and services for the smart grid

10) Telsa Motors – energy-efficient electric sports cars

The rankings were established by a research team from VentureSource based on a survey of 300 U.S.- based, venture-backed businesses in the category of clean technology. Venture capital experts from Dow Jones also provided their unique perspective to this selection process. The financial criteria analyzed track records of success for company founders, management, and investors; the amount of capital raised in the last three years, and changes in the company’s valuation in the last twelve months.

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