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Green Technology Power Houses Technet and Illinois Technology Association Team Up To Address Environmental Issues

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A Technet member company

With the recently announced partnership between Technet and Illinois Technology Association (ITA), it would appear to be a match made in heaven. The goal of this partnership is to establish state and federal policy, as well as, give political impetus to Illinois’ growing green technology industry. Confronting environmental issues and taking action requires considerable political know-how. Technet, which was founded in 1997, is the nation’s leading bipartisan policy and political action networks. It is a consortium of top CEOs in the emerging high-tech, green business, and green technology industries. Green business in America needs many powerful voices to break through public apathy and political red tape in order to confront environmental issues that face the world. Technet member companies includes some of the most respected names in hi–tech, green business and green technology that either address environmental issues directly, support green businesses and/or incorporate green initiatives into their corporate doctrine. For More On ITA-Technet Partnership

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Green Technology Program Taps into Our Passion for Sports to Address Environment Issues


Image by Kurt Christensen via Flickr

The passion that fans of professional sports bring to a game can be a decisive factor in the final outcome. Banded together in one stadium, they press the home field advantage by creating so much noise that the opponents can’t think straight. Cheering crowds chanting “Go Team,” “Go Team!” “Go Team!” bring a new dynamic to games, big and small. Fans Without Footprints, a grassroots organization, wants to turn that Go Team! chants into Go Green! Go Green!, Go Green! by leveraging sports participation and enjoyment with our responsibilities as stewards of our environment, both on the community level and the global level. It is too convenient to think that the environment issues that confront the world will heal automatically or that someone else will clean up the planet. To go green is not an option. Some environmental initiatives are out of reach for the common consumer, but many of these initiatives, such as clean air and water, conserving our parks and forest, implement proven green technology solutions, such as, solar and wind power offer opportunities for the average citizen to make a difference. Continue reading

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Angel Labs Drive Green Technology Into The Future With Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine Design

Green technology is in need of a whole new class of innovations that are smaller and lighter, yet more powerful than previous technologies. Energy-efficiency, in both design and performance is paramount, and if this new piece of green technology has to run on something, it should be a renewable energy. Imagine an internal combustion engine that weighs 150lbs., yet it has a power-to-weight ratio of 40 to 1. Imagine that it has a displacement equivalent to an engine that is thousands of pounds heavier, like huge diesel or jet engines. Imagine again, that this little engine is also a powerful compressor, and very effective as a liquid and air pump. Last but not least, imagine that this engine can run at peak performance using a renewable energy that you could, figuratively speaking, grow in your own backyard. More On MYT Engine

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Program Offering Energy-Efficiency and Savings Entice Homeowners To Incorporate Green Technology


A study sponsored by the Chicagoland Natural Energy Savings Program uncovered several good reasons why homeowners should not hesitant to make energy-efficient improvements to their homes, such as installing up-to-date, high-efficiency furnaces, boilers, or water heaters.  The study, conducted online by Strategic Intent, LLC on behalf of the program, took a sampling of 339 homeowners in neighborhoods throughout the city from March 10 to March 14, 2011.  The program, which has been in existence since 2008, encourages homeowners to go green by providing financial incentives. So far the program has dispersed more than $6 million in rebates. The study showed that homeowners apparently resist making energy-efficient improvements based on the perceived high cost of green technology. Continue reading

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Home Water Filters Gives Added Assurance Of Clean Drinking Water

Clean drinking water...not self-evident for ev...

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Think your Household tap water is safe to drink? Think again! Although drink water in the U.S. has been protected by the Safe Drinking Water Act since 1974, insiders claim tap water fails increasingly to meet health-safety guidelines. According to a recent investigation by the New York Times, millions of people in the U.S.have been exposed to drinking water contaminated with thousands of chemicals, in low concentrations, that are not federally regulated. Proactive citizens can write to their Congressman and to Federal Government urging them to update the Safe Drinking Water Act to include and regulate new, potentially hazardous chemicals in our water supply. Many consumers purchase home water filters for added assurance. But, before going out to buy one, find out which contaminates, if any, are in your municiple water supply. If you want to know more about the quality of your areas water supply go to Check out the “What’s in your Water?” tool. Just enter your zip code. More on Water Filters

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Tennessee Zeros In On Green Job Market

The seal of the United States Department of Labor

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The state of Tennessee had about 43,800 green jobs in 2010 and that numbersshould go higher. This is according to a survey conducted by the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development. This and other data constitute the preliminary results of the state’s Green Jobs Report, released in observence of Earth Day 2011. The survey studied 6,000 area businesses to identify occupations and training requirements in theirgrowing green sector economy. Karla Davis, Department Commissioner, sees this as the “a first step” in measuring current employment activity and future trends.According to the Executive Summary of the report the state expects more jobs between 2011-2013 from invest ments such as Hemlock Semiconductors, Wacker Chemie Polysilicon plants, Nissan Lithium battery and zero-electric vechicles, and others.

More on Tennessee Green Jobs

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USPS: Go Green with New Commemorative Stamp Collection

USPS service delivery truck in a residential a...

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While the United States Postal Service (USPS) has an impressive track record of embracing green technology in the collection, handling, and distribution of mail, the newly released Go Green Commemorative Stamp Collection, in observance of Green Day, give their effort a broader dimension and puts their mission into clearer perspective for the general public. This “forever” collection features a pane of sixteen stamps that illustrate eight ways that we can all do our part to save the environment. The Go Green stamps depict caricaturistic images that target common areas of concern, such as conservation, energy-efficiency, and recycling. More On USPS

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GTI Plan Transforms L.A. River District Into Eco-Paradise


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Visionaries at the Green Technology Institute (GTI) have a bold new plan for the city of Los Angeles. The Institute proposes transforming the land along the L.A. River into a futuristic  “Cleantech Corridor” aptly named Green River Village. It will encompass an “advanced green technology park accessed through an ultra-light rail transit system that connect to a series garden villages along the river banks. The Institute envisions an environmentally-rich, linear Wifi hot spot; a river city of the future where people live prosperous, sustainable lives, and pursue meaningful occupations,” all in the context of caring for one another and the environment.” This plan is said to be “modeled on the best practices of the world’s urban eco-villages and communitian villages.” It would all sound far-fetched and utopian, were it not for the fact that all the technology that would go into such an under-taking is readily available and the public will to endorse innovative projects like this is steadily growing.  More On Green River Village

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The State of Iowa Identifies Sources of New Green Jobs

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Like many states, Iowa is in the process of fleshing out its own green economy. A collaborative effort is under way to identify and define emerging industries and occupations that directly address environmental concerns. Classifying new occupations and job title is the first step in establishing training or an apprenticeship programs in new technology. This collaboration brings together members of several state agencies, educational institutions, and other work-force development professionals, who will lay the foundation and put a face on the new green economy. More On Iowa Green Jobs

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